The Venue

The Venue

The Courtyard

The courtyard offers a unique glimpse of Sydney’s architectural and industrial heritage, and is the jewel in the crown of Since I Left You. Nestled between the three heritage-listed storehouses it originally serviced, the industrial space is brought to life by luscious plants, playful fairy lights, live music and of course the 18-metre-tall mural The Torch Carrier by Fintan Magee — which watches protectively over proceedings.



The Inside Bar

The old showroom of the heritage-listed storehouse we are located in now forms the heart of Since I Left You. Featuring towering pressed metal ceilings, romantic candlelight, and an Art-Deco inspired bar, the cocktail bar oozes with 1920’s sex appeal. Cosy in winter, delightfully cool in Summer, it’s the perfect setting for anything from after work drinks, to your next Tinder date, to a classy engagement party.

The Carriageway

Aptly named for the horse & carriages that once rumbled through here, The Carriageway is the bar’s second historical outdoor seating area. With room for up to 30 guests, the all-weather space is a handy wet weather contingency plan that has a wonderful buzzy atmosphere of an evening.

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